3 Things I Do Before a Job Interview

Jasmine De Leon
3 min readNov 23, 2021

And why I cried after a Cold Stone interview.

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Let me start with a story. The year was 2006 and I was a senior in high-school. I had been desperately looking for my first job. I went to interview after interview but had no luck. On this particular morning, I had an interview at the local Cold Stone Creamery. It was a group interview, there was about 20 of us standing in the ice cream shop. At the beginning of the interview they let us know that this was not going to be like any other interview we’ve done before. There was going to be a skit and singing involved. I wanted to go home.

The gentleman hosting the interview went around and asked us to introduce ourselves in 3 words. There was a girl in the interview that everyone was absolutely loving and it was finally her time to make her introduction. I don’t remember exactly what she said but I do remember that one of the words she used to describe herself was “bubbly”. At that point I said heck no i’m done and walked out.

I promptly called my mom and cried about how I was never going to find a job. I told her about all these interviews I had been to and how I would never be bubbly and therefore would be unemployable for life. My mom being the rational human that she is told me “this is all practice for future interviews.” Yeah yeah I thought. But she was right. Shortly after I landed my first job, and then my second and third. Over the last 15 years of adulthood I have thrived during interviews. I have gotten most jobs that I have interviewed for. It looks like she was right.

Throughout the years I have developed my own ritual when it comes to what I do before an interview. They have helped me and I hope they can help you.

  1. I visualize myself doing the job. I close my eyes and imagine myself at my new desk. I imagine the work I’ll be doing. I think about how good I’ll be at my new job. This job is already mine.
  2. I tell myself a few affirmations. Mostly I just repeat “ I am awesome” a million times over with a few others mixed in.
  3. I do a power pose. Basically stand like wonder woman. Theres research that doing this helps you feel more powerful. For me it just makes me feel good to stand like wonder woman and telling myself “I’m awesome.”

Over the years I have learned that what we tell ourselves before an interview is really important. If you go into an interview telling yourself “I’m not going to get the job”, then you are going to go in with less than awesome energy. And let me tell you, as a recruiter, we can definitely feel that negative energy.

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